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Skin problem such as Acne and Wrinkles are common skin problems and are experienced as particularly annoying. People become insecure and are therefore not comfortable with their face/skin. Only in the USA there are over 60 million people who are suffering with Acne.
Skin problems have various causes, for example smoking and poor nutrition. But a lot of times it is also unavoidable (for example puberty). People are busy and resources like cremes are time-consuming and not always good for your skin.


What is Facecode – Smart Facial Treatment System?

Facecode introduces the solution for people with skin diseases and disorders. A tailored treatment that uses state of the art computer technology like Facial Recognition and Ai to identify which treatment should be applied.


How does it work?

Facecode is a more effective way of performing a facial treatment. The intelligence of the system (algorithm) can recognize diseases such as Acne and Wrinkles on your skin (Facial scan technology) and can in a couple of seconds determine which treatment the skin needs. Because of the facial recognition the system only irradiates the part of the face (by pinpointing) that suffers with a skin disease.

After the treatment the system collects data and can give advice about the next steps. But it also collects data to give other people who are using the system better advice in the beginning. So the goal is to build a self-learning system.

With the Facecode application you can see your activities in an app on your telephone. For example:

  • Activities per day, week, month
  • Treatment calendar (with export to your personal calendar)
  • Average sessions
  • Goal

How does the LED laser work?

Just like plants use sunlight to heal and grow, our body is able to harness specific wavelengths of light and turn them into cellular energy. This, in turn, stimulates your body’s natural healing processes. (see Appendix 1: more information of LED)

Every treatment with a LED mask is pain-free and non-invasive. It is safe and effective for every skin type. Led therapy is clinical proven and chemical-free.

Each color (blue or red) has it’s own function. The chosen color transfers energy to the cells in your skin. The cells convert this energy back into cellular fuel (ATP) and the function of the cell will improve. This process makes the cell more active and stimulates the natural healing and rejuvenation processes of the body. Regular use provides a better effect because the collagen production will be increase and the fibroblasts will be multiplied. This results in an younger skin and an overall improvement of your skin color.

Because of the facial recognition the system only irradiates the part of the face that suffer with a skin problem, so it is more effective and safer for the skin. During the treatment the face will be constantly being tracked, when the face is outside the treatment zone (pinpoint) the system will stop automatically.


Which problems will be solved?

Using Facecode has a couple of benefits comparing with current solutions:

  • No crème or mask on your face anymore
  • Facial recognition will detect and recognize skin diseases
  • It is not invasive, it will only irradiate the source (on point treatment)
  • Multiple treatments (anti acne/wrinkles)
  • Registering data and effects of treatments
  • Facecode is connected with an app (like Oral-B app)
  • One-time investment
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