Facecode enables consumers to treat their skin diseases through AI enabled LED Technology.

Advanced Facial Recognition & AI technologies for the treatment of Facial Skin Diseases & Disorders

Today, Facecode Introduces the smart solution for people with facial skin diseases and disorders such as Wrinkles and Acne. A tailored treatment that uses state of the art computer technology like Facial Recognition and AI to identify where treatment should be applied.

In daily life, the face leaves the first impression to a person. Facial skin diseases have an enormous impact on people's life, happiness and selfesteem. The Facecode AI enabeled LED treatment is developed for skin deaseases and disorders such as anti Acne and Wrinkles. Providing flexible treatment, without the need of a cre?me or any other aid on the skin itself; The Facecode unlocks new market opportunities for day to day skin treatment. Facecode will be demonstrating its solution during the CES Show in Las Vegas at (Eureka Park, Sands, Booth: 51726).

Smart care for skincare

It works as follows; Facecode utilizes Facial Recognition & AI technologies to identify skin diseases such as Acne and Wrinkles. First, Facecode determines the right treatment for your skin, using a facial scan. Then, after scanning your face you can start your pinpoint treatment, which means that Facecode only irradiates the locations of face that suffers with a skin disease/disorder. Your treatment will be saved in your own application, on your mobile device, and will give you advice about the next treatment.

LED Therapy

But how does LED therapy work? Just like plants use sunlight to heal and grow, our body is able to harness specific wavelengths of light and turn them into cellular energy. This, in turn, stimulates your body's natural healing process.

This is a truly revolutionary product that will help in the treatment of skin diseases and disorders but also help people to live a happier life by boosting their selfesteem.

At CES we want to connect with distributors, sales agents to develop sales and distribution for our product in the US/Europe and Asia. Facecode is also looking for development partners to keep our product unique at the cutting edge of treatment of facial skin disorders & diseases. Come visit us at our Booth in the Holland Pavilion (Eureka Park, Sands) and see for yourself how we improve the treatment of anti Acne of Wrinkles!

Team Facecode

The development and production of Facecode is a collaboration between Kaiyan Medical and Delft Engineers. Kaiyan Medical is a medical LED producing company in Shenzhen, China, producing LED therapy products for medical and beauty purposes. Delft Engineers is an engineering company in the Netherlands, having it's specialisation in (complex) product development.

At the CES the founder of Kaiyan Medical (Alain Dijkstra) will be attending together with a team; together with four teammembers from Delft Engineers (Kim Markwat, Michael Kasbergen, Dennis Giezeman and Koos van Heusden)