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Facecode introduces the solution for people with skin diseases and disorders. A tailored treatment that uses state of the art computer technology like Facial Recognition and Ai to identify which treatment should be applied.


What are we doing?

Skin problems such as Acne and Wrinkles are common skin problems and are experienced as particularly annoying. People become insecure and are therefore not comfortable with their face/skin. Only in the USA there are over 60 million people who are suffering with Acne.

Skin problems have various causes, for example smoking and poor nutrition. But a lot of times it is also unavoidable (for example puberty). People are busy and resources like cremes are time-consuming and not always good for your skin.


Which problem will be solved?

  1. The system can analyze and treat your face
  2. Facial Scan and recognition of your skin condition
  3. Start your scan and treatment by using the Facecode App
  4. It only treats your skin diseases
  5. The Facecode App gives you advice and information to improve your skin
  6. No discomfort when you are doing the treatment

Meet The Team

Alain Dijkstra

Founder and CEO

Kim Markwat


Dennis Giezeman



 Head of Marketing

Michael Kasbergen

Head of Engineering

Koos v. Heusden

Lead Programmer