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Revolutionary beauty and medical light therapy product

Over 60 million people suffer
from acne in US

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting up to 60 million Americans annually. The prevalence of acne vulgaris globally was 681.2 million in 2016.  In 2010, acne ranked 8th in the list of most prevalent diseases in the world, with a global prevalence of 645 million. Approximately 80 percent of people are affected by acne between onset of puberty and 30 years of age. Acne vulgaris is a nearly universal skin disease afflicting 79% to 95% of the adolescent population.


Facecode is a NextGen Healthtech Solution using advanced Facial Recognition & AI technologies for the treatment of several skin problems such as Acne and Wrinkles


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Future treatment of psoriasis and herpes

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Use your Facecode on your desk While working

The hard working woman or man that spends a minimum of 2 hours daily behind a desk or on the couch. You don't want to spend too much time on how you look but you feel the importance of looking good. By doing a flexible and effective treatment, without the need of anything directly on your face.

Use Facecode
at Home

Facecode is also perfectly suited for students. When you need to do your homework or study, combine it with a facial treatment by facecode. Besides a flexible and comfortable treatment, the system also gives you feedback on your progression. Now you can study and take care of your skin, at the same time!

Takes care of your
skin problems

The FaceCode uses self learning artificial intelligence to find and treat skin imperfections. The treatment is done by a special directional LED light, using different wavelengths for different types of skin. The light is capable of following you while you work, so you can work like normal during treatment.

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* Treatment Schedule
* Overview of progression
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